public class main HelloWorld {

public static void(String[] args) {

System.out.println(“Hello World!”);




All that aside, I came upon a revelation just the other. Well, about a month ago, but my skill with the text cannot be fathomed in comparison with my ability to not do shit. Besides that;

Computers operate based on what we tell them to do. We write the inputs, they do what we tell them do to that information, they produce an output. They do it ery fast and without any real thought. But my goal is this; over the coming weeks, months and, dare I say, Caddyshacks, I shall prove to you, the vast, numberless, uncaring and pervert internet peoples (Of which I am no minor offender) that humanity is euqual to the machinary.

I will start by saying that what I write is no where near original, clever r funny. it is, however, my own conclusion, and that means more to me than any other goal I could get from it. Except maybe free shit. Free shit is good. Anyway I digress.

So the three functions of the machine are inputs, processess and the outputs. Inputs are the outside influeces put in by whatever human being decided that it would go in. The processes are designed by humans, once again, and they take those inputs, does whatever it needs, and then spits it back out as outputs. That’s what we want from it.

So, where am I going with this? Well, those three functions are the same ones that affect us. Think about it for a second. Still think I’m wrong? Okay. Inputs. That is, stimulii. Through interaction with other human beings, either through physical contact, written word, prerecorded speech or even ust the mere thought of human interaction, we are given a situation which we must react to. Which is all good and fine, right?

Okay, next issue; processess. What a process is really boils down to a set of instructions that a program will follow in order to reach it’s goal. It defines what inputs are needed and in what manner they get used in order to produce the output. Doesn’t sound very humany right? Okay. Stop thinking about what I just said. Let’s look at the way we act to what happens. You are brought up to believe certain things, to act certain ways. Ignore the socal thing. Look at say, survival instincts. If you see someone get killed infront of you, and the murderer looks at you. you run, right? So…

If (See Someone killed + Threatened by Murderer)

You = run


maybe this does not make sense. It probably doesn’t. the argument isn’t very sound, I know, but it will be built upon in the future, more and more and more and more until my argument is sound. So don’t you worry. There will b more. Is that a good thing? Most definately not. But who are you to judge? Well, as the reader, probably the best person. But I guess I just have to deal with it.

Welcome to My World.

~Isaac van Braun